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How Defogger’s Restores Glass Units:

Our trained technicians arrive equipped with specialized tools and equipment.  All service work is done on site, with a minimum of disruption and disturbance.  Glass units are most often serviced from the exterior.  The technician will evaludrilling tiny holeate each glass unit before servicing and advise the customer of the condition and expected results after restoration.

Using a specially made high speed diamond drill with lubrication, two very small holes are drilled in the outside glass at one lower and one upper corner.  All service work is done through these holes.  The inside of the unit is rinsed and washed and rinsed again with several specialized cleaners to remove dirt, water spots and mineral scale.  If necessary, tiny scrapers are inserted through the holes to scrape away any dirt and mineral scale not removed by our cleaning solution.  The unit interior is then rewashed and rinsed and finally our patented micro-vents are installed over the previously drilled holes.

Our micro-vents allow the air pressure and humidity to equalize between the interior of the glass unit and outside.  This prevents moisture from accumulating and condensing inside the unit and has been recognized and proven as the solution to moisture between panes of glass for many years.  Our restoration process is a modern adaptation of a proven technology and is a permanent solution to the problem of failed insulating glass units. 

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